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Top rated blu-ray players in 2014


Movie enthusiasts must have the right equipment in order to enjoy the best video and audio quality available. A blu-ray player thus is essential for a better simulation of a clear cut real cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. There is a huge number of these devices out there in the market and getting a top one is a difficult endeavor. To help you with this predicament a list has been made, which consists of the best blueray players in 2014.

What is the best Blu-ray Player – Buying Guide


Every home should have a pro Blu-ray player connected to the main HDTV in order to maintain a high quality visual experience, packed with vibrant images and smooth videos. Creating a delightful cinematic theater in the comfort of your home, starts by finding all the pieces, and just like a technical puzzle, once put together they amaze the viewers. Now, the market is full with tones of models, which makes selecting the ideal one for your daily needs pretty difficult. How to find the best blu-ray player? Well, let’s elucidate this dilemma by pointing out certain characteristics, main and adjacent that the device needs to have before making its way in your home. The player needs to accommodate TVs, sets with 1080p HD resolution, displaying in vibrant and crystal clear pictures. Furthermore you need a Blu-ray player in your home that comes equipped with 3D feature. Today, 3D television has entered thousands of American homes, and through the right Blu-ray player the quality of the visual experience is heightened.

The better you know all the particularities embedded in a professional Blu-ray player, the easier it will be for you to find the ideal product. Most of the present can be used to play standard DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CDs and 3D Blu-ray discs, enhancing the general viewing experience in high definition. It is important to find a professional player that sets a creative cinematic world, packed with a wide variety of content. A good player permits you to stream videos directly from the internet, delivering instant access to movies, documentaries, concerts and TV shows from Netflix, CinemaNow, Vudu, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.

The entertainment levels will be high. So, if you have a pro HDTV, of different inches, it’s vital to complete it with a quality player, ideal for your cinematic projects, alone, with friends or family members. Let’s sing further in the technical aspect of Blu-ray disc players and thus make the selection process easier.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Streaming Apps Price WiFi Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player

YES $$$$ No  10.8 pounds A

LG Electronics BP335W 3D Blu-ray disc player

YES $$$ YES 1.9 pounds A- AMAZON

Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray Disc Player

YES $$$ YES 1.2 pounds B+ AMAZON

Panasonic DMP-BDT230 Blu-ray Player

YES $$ YES 4 pounds B AMAZON
Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Disc Player YES $$$ YES 2.8 pounds B+ AMAZON


How to find the best blu-ray player? 

With reliable information on the top rated products you will ease up the selection process. The price array of Blu-ray players varies from $100 and more depending on certain qualities such as wireless options, 3D and output range. Well, think of having a portable Blu-ray, capable of giving you the chance to watch movies, irrespective of your location. A professional player can be exactly what you need during long trips or long hauls in airports, waiting for the next flight to come. As you probably know, most players are somewhat laptops without keywords, delivering smooth video functionality anytime anywhere.


Here are some of the most appreciated Blu-Ray Players from Amazon!


Coming with around 7 to 10 inch screen size, players have a clamshell-style cover that safely protects the screen when you are not using it. Now let’s enumerate some of the latest factors to take into account when you think of purchasing a product: price, style, design, video features, connectivity issues and video streaming.

You need to figure out how much you want to spend and then choose a model, close to your visual needs. It’s that simple to enrich your daily experiences, by accessing unlimited online content or colleting discs of your favourite movies and shows. Well, selecting now the right Blu-ray player just became a lot easier, which suits your cinematic needs, no matter when they occur.


These are the products our experts recommend:


Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Disc Player


Best Blu Ray Players ReviewsThe best Sony blu-ray players reviews have pointed out that the BDP-S5100 has some top features which will enhance your video experience. This player is capable of showing Full HD 2D pictures and it can support also 3D technology. Another great capability to look forward to is the upscaling feature, which will make your old movies on DVDs have a superior picture quality. Also, built-in Wi-fi is at your disposal, so you can connect to other devices or stream your favorite flicks. The design is stylish and modern, rounding off a great overall package.

“Something tells me that this is one of the best blu-ray players, if not the best one money can buy. I paid a bit extra for it, but its features more than make up for it. I have 3D capabilities at my disposal, I can upscale DVDs, I have Wi-Fi, all that I could possibly need form a blu-ray player.” Jack Flemyng

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Sony BDPS6200 3D Blu-ray Player


If you are searching for a new blue-ray player, then an excellent choice would be Sony BDPS6200. This new model made by such a famous brand, does not disappoint when it comes to its feature. You will be amazed by the 4K upscaling, able to enhance your picture quality to surreal levels. While other players have huge problems with lag, this is not the case for Sony BDPS6200 because it’s equipped with a Dual Core Processor. With it you will also have access to 3D technology and thanks to its multiple HDMI outputs you will be able to connect to more than one device simultaneously.

“The first time I used the 4K upscaling, I was amazed by the picture quality, which can’t even be compared to Full HD. Unlike my old player, Sony BDP6200 quickly reads my blu-ray discs. Frankly, I like the design too, which makes it look different to other players. I consider this model to be one of the best blueray players 2014, if not the best.” – Tyron D. Linden

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LG Electronics BP335W 3D Blu-ray disc player


Every person with a taste of high quality television and cinema pleasure wants to enhance the clarity of each video played. This is why more and more people are currently searching for some of the best blueray players in 2014. Now, you have the possibility to use with complete confidence BP335W Blu-ray disc player from LG, a model very popular in the US. This particular player can play with ease 3D Blu-ray movies in a vibrant 1080p high definition, ideal to share with friends and family members. It also offers full internet access which permits you to enjoy video content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.

I tried to find a good quality Blu-ray disc player for months and months. Yet I was fortunate enough to come across LG Electronics BP335W Blu-ray player, which impressed me from the first video played. This is certainly a great product to have in any home that loves home cinema.” – James Archer

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Sony BDP-BX110/S1100 Blu-ray Player


While not the newest blu-ray player on the market, Sony BDP-BX110/S1100 guarantees a Full HD picture quality. For a customer with an average budget this model would prove to be a fine choice, which can even allow its user to play DVDs. If you decide to purchase it, you would also have access to fun and useful Internet Apps. The model is fitted with a HDMI output, to permit easy connectivity options with other HD devices. Sony BDP-BX110/1100 will prove to be a great asset for a limited amount of money.

“The best blueray players reviews convinced me to get this model from Sony. While I couldn’t afford a new generation model, I feel like I’ve made an excellent investment through Sony BDP-BX110/S1100. The picture quality is flawless from my point of view and I like the fact that I can play all my old DVDs.” – Jorge W. Jimmerson

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Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray Disc Player


The Samsung BD-F5900 has the necessary features to be considered by experts a state-of-the-art blu-ray player. We even go one step further and see it as on of the top rated blu-ray players in 2014The ability to support Full HD and 3D makes it a favorite for movie enthusiasts around the country. The conversion rate between 2D and 3D is fast, so you don`t wait too long to watch a certain movie. Wi-Fi allows you to stream videos and movies from specialized sites like Youtube, Netflix and many more. The remote control buttons are placed in an intuitive order and have a standard size, so you have no trouble finding them.

“Samsung definitely did not hold back when creating BD-F5900 blu-ray disc player. It even has a very nice looking design, stepping out of the normal pattern. I really don’t think I could possibly want more from a device such as this and I am very happy that I own it.” Chris Cunningham

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Samsung BD-H6500 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player


Are you trying to find a top notch blu-ray player, capable of playing 3D movies? To answer this question, we recommend investing in Samsung BD-H6500. This model isn’t your simple player because you will have access to the Samsung Smart blu-ray experience. UltraHD picture quality and upscaling is possible with the BD-H6500, giving you the possibility to watch your favorite flicks with the best picture quality available on the consumer market. Easy connectivity options are assured by the HDMI outputs and the USB port.

“Nothing prepared me for the UltraHD experience, which mesmerized me and my whole family. This blu-ray player is a state-of-the-art model and there is no doubt in my mind about it. I connect it simply and quickly to other devices, I can upscale the picture quality of my old DVD collection and many more. Surely it’s one of the best blueray disc player 2014.” – Russell E. Jenkins

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Panasonic DMP-BDT230 Blu-ray Player


If you are looking for top performances from a blu-ray player, as well as being Energy Star qualified, then a good suggestion would be the Panasonic DMP-BDT230. Except Full HD pictures it can also can read 3D movies. The Miracast function lets you access files from your smarphone of tablet. This Wireless  give its user all sorts of possibilities, connecting fast to all sorts of devices. The audio experience is unparalleled as well, with the DMP-BDT230 managing to support a lot of high-quality formats.

“After I read some very good reviews about this Panasonic blu-ray player, I decided to buy it because I could see only advantages coming from this decision. I was right because the quality of my movies now is exceptional and I enjoy them even more than before.” Rick Powell

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LG BP125 Blu-ray Disk Player


The LG BP125 can be considered as another reliable device which will upgrade the picture quality of your movies. This player has an excellent price-quality ratio, being one of the most important reasons behind its success. Upscaling DVDs is also possible, so you can enjoy classic films in a video upgraded version. Another useful feature is the USB port located on the front panel, which can allow you to view videos directly from a memory USB stick or your smartphone. HDMI inputs will allow you to connect to other HD devices.

“I got this blu-ray player because I was looking for a model which had good features and also a decent price. I love the fact that I am able to upscale my old DVDs, which I thought were going to become obsolete. I recommend it to other people intrested in one such device.” Natasha Wotrhington

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OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player


A very popular device for movie enthusiasts is the OPPO BDP-103. This is not your standard blu-ray disc player, it is considered a universal player because it can read not only blu-ray disks, but also DVD, SACD and many more formats. It has Wi-Fi as well, so you can stream movies or videos quickly from Pandora, Netflix, Youtube etc. You will find a dual HDMI input and output for easy connectivity options with other devices. The conversion rate for 2D to 3D is fast and along with the Ultra HD option, they are considered to be the two top features that come with the OPPO BDP-103. These features and more make this model one the best blue ray players in 2014.

“I am extremely happy with my decision to buy the OPPO BDP-103 blu-ray player and recommend it because it is a very solid device with some excellent features. The quality of the movies I watch is extremely high and I sometimes stay up too late watching flick after flick. I can’t help myself the video quality is too good!” Henry Richardson

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